Can wrinkle relaxer be used for medical reasons?

Absolutely! Neurotoxin works by causing the muscle that it is injected into to go into a relaxed state. This means that any muscle that could offer health benefits from entering a relaxed state is a candidate for neurotoxin. For instance, many people get jaw pain or damage their teeth from grinding during sleep – a problem which is often picked up on an annual dental visit. When neurotoxin is injected into a large muscle in the jaw called the masseter it can help reduce these symptoms, with the added benefit of making the jaw appear slimmer!

Hyperhydrosis is another condition which can benefit from neurotoxin. Hyperhydrosis causes excessive sweating , with those afflicted sweating up to five times more than average, and facing uncontrollable beads of sweat soaking multiple sets of clothes each day. This uncontrolled sweating can have a huge toll on confidence, and by injecting neurotoxin into multiple sites across the arm pit there can be a vast improvement in excessive sweating.

Other ways you may have heard of neurotoxin being used is in patients with spastic cerebral palsy, which basically means they have tight muscles often in the legs which make walking extremely hard. Although this is not performed in cosmetic clinics, this magic medication is used in large amounts to relax the larger leg muscles, therefore improving muscle movement and therefore life quality.

Pretty clever huh!

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